• Competitions

    The Wundowie Iron Festival Competition is open to all entrants who

    fulfil the entry requirements and criteria.

    There are 7 Categories

    Bradken Iron Sculpture Competition

    $TBA - Prize Money

    Linley Valley Pork Painting – Iron Theme Competition

    $ TBA - Prize Money

    Komcat Electro Painting – Any Subject Competition

    $TBA Prize Money

    Photography- Iron Theme Competition

    $TBA - Prize Money

    Junior Art Competitions

    Peoples Choice 2D & 3D Competitions

    $TBA - Prize Money each

    Iron Beast Competition

    $ TBA - Prize Money Pool

    Iron Themed Pageant

    There will be a male and female winner in each category.

    Each winner will awarded their own CROWN, a SASH with their new TITLE:

    Little Miss Iron Town/Mini Master Iron Town.
    Jnr Miss/Master Iron Town.
    Miss/Master Iron Town.
    Miss/Mr Iron Town.
    Prince and Princess of Iron Town.
    King and Queen of Iron Town.