• Iron Beast


    Prize Pool: $1000


    1st $600

    2nd $300

    3rd $100


    Entry forms in by 11th of May 2018

    The Wundowie Iron Festival Iron Beast Competition may be contested by a team comprising of a single member. Each entry regardless of the number of persons named is considered a team.

    One person will take the status of team leader and will be responsible for identifying the composition of the team and communication with the event organisers and team members



    The Iron Beast Competition may be entered by a team or an individual.

    Each entry regardless of the number of persons named is considered a team.

    The team leaser will be responsible for communicating with the event organizer.

    All team members names are required for the purpose of acknowledgment.

    An Iron Beast is to be constructed of 90% from iron or steel.

    Steering and brakes are not required.

    The course is approximately 50meters long of a bitumen type drive, average condition and mostly level ( some repaired pot holes ).

    The prize will be awarded First, Second and Third for the Iron Beast that travels the greatest distance.


    Technical Specifications (Regulations)

    An Iron Beast must not exceed 600mm long, wide or high and will, during Technical inspection, be checked.

    An Iron Beast must be propelled only by the down force of, an event supplied, 20Kg test weight of the approximate dimension 245mm x 175mm x 105mm.

    Running on at least 4 tyred wheels.

    Surfaces of the Iron best may be decorated by entrants – no offensive signage allowed.

    A clear unobstructed space on the left and right sides of the Iron Beast measuring 200mm wide by 80mm high must be available for event organisers promotional materials. All other surfaces of the Iron Beast may be decorated with the entrants signage as required.

    The event organisers reserve the right to have removed or exclude entries featuring offensive signage or materials.

    An Iron Beast will be rejected for competition if is not constructed predominately from iron and steel products (Magnet test) and has any feature considered to be a danger. (Points and sharp edges)

    Each Iron Beast will be inspected by the Chief Official or his appointed official for compliance with these Technical Specifications 30 mins before commencing its first run and may be reinspected if required.

    Partial pre-inspection by email consultation is available and recommended

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    ENTRY FEE $10

    All entries for the Iron Beast competition are to be delivered to the Wundowie Library or by post to

    P.O. Box 375 Wundowie 6560 addressed to Terry Little


    Entry forms in by 11th May 2018


    Email inquiries to: wundowiepa@gmail.com​